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About Terms of Use 

We hope you enjoy this website and that you tell your friends about the work we do. We invite you to read our terms and conditions before using this website. The Marino Local History Society (MLHS) organisation is 100% voluntary; our mission is to preserve our local history and to become a central depository where people can donate photographs and recollections.

Avoiding Exploitation & Safe Guarding Contents:

  1. All rights, including copyright and “original” historical research” content of the Marino Local History Society website are owned or controlled for these purposes by the Marino Local History Society and shall not be used or reproduced by another party whether it be for commercial or non-commercial without prior permission.
  1. The material contained on this website is presented for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, research, and education. Permission must be sought to reproduce it and Marino Local History Society (MLHS) ownership must be stated.
  1. All items submitted to Marino Local History Society “shall” be “copyrighted” under the name of the Marino Local History to protect and preserve items for future generations.
  1. You acknowledge and agree that i) Website Design, Website Wording, Website Layout, Website Concept & Contents and said titles i)  “Marino Local History”  and ii) “Marino Local History Society” are copyrighted and owned by the Marino Local History Society.
  1. Published articles are subjected to a copyright search engine software program, which will notify the MLHS of any replications of articles. There are minor “factual” embellishments in some articles which act as a watermark should our research material be used without permission.
  1. By using the MLHS website you have confirmed your agreement to our Terms of Use.

Date:  September 2013

All Rights Reserved Copyright © Marino Local History Society 2007 – 2020

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